Photos courtesy of Charly Rosemary. 



Thurman & Fig focuses in on the authenticity of love and life and creates beauty around those elements. The T&F bride and wedding tend to be the untraditional outlaw types and we wouldn't have it any other way. T&F is currently made up of mostly Anthropologie and Free People migrants with an expanding list of new talent coming in. 

Our studio is in Annapolis MD and we offer full-service weddings in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and New York. If you are not based in one of those areas, don't hesitate to ask. We are currently booking for 2019 with a just a tiny few spots for 2018. Please fill out our contact page to be in touch!

We have some exciting stuff coming soon including a partnership with a non-profit group and we will soon be accepting applications for internships, YESSSS!